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Sarah is an excellent trainer! She’s firm and kind. You’re making a major
decision when you put your dog’s training in the hands of a trainer, and what you get with Sarah is a very knowledgeable professional who’s NOT out to take the money and run. She knows her stuff and she doesn’t try to talk you into more lessons than you’ll need. We have 1 session left and the difference in Joey’s behavior is amazing. Highly recommend!
Andrea Spissinger and Joey- April, 2019

Sarah is first class, all the way. She has a gift for working with animals and humans alike. I was extremely impressed by her expertise as well as her communication and interpersonal skills. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah and her services to anyone looking for a true expert in the field of dog training. Very quickly she was able to arm our family with the skills and tactics to help our puppy become a much more well adjusted member of the household, and, with 2 young children that’s no easy feat. Pups and their owners both deserve someone as caring as Sarah. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.

Alex LaVoie- August, 2018


You simply will not find a better, more skilled, more professional, more knowledgeable or more caring trainer in this area. Sarah has helped me incredibly through this initial phase with my pup (who just turned 6 months old) and I look forward to scheduling more work with her once he and I practice for a while and he gets a little older. Beyond the training itself, which has been amazing, Sarah also spent lots of time helping me with issues/questions regarding diet and supplements, equipment and accessories, meds, vaccinations and more. I’m super glad I found her and can’t say enough good things. If you want the very best and mutually beneficial relationship/journey with your dog, call Sarah. It’s that simple.

Rick and Wesley, September 2018


dog training st pete

Sarah Tripp is the ONLY trainer who could help me.

We started training my SPIRITED Labrador puppy at a very young age, thinking we could handle it ourselves. at 6 months we realized we needed help. He is very smart and wanted to learn – he was doing a nice job in obedience class, but as soon as we left all of the problems were back. Poseidon would pull on walks and slip out of his collar. I had an 80 lb lap dog who would sit on us and push right pass you to run outside. He would nip your fingers while taking a treat, he was unruly on his best.

The final straw was on a walk when poseidon pulled out of his collar on a busy street. While i was standing in the middle of traffic stopping the cars while he darted around like a mad-man – he ran directly at me and took my feet out from under me. He was THAT out of control.

After two failed attempts with trainers we called around and found it difficult to find a trainer who didn’t wanna slap a shock collar on our boy and call it a day. After talking to sarah – to be honest – she sounded too good to be true! We were skeptical but were willing to try anything. Sarah said he sounds like an easy fix ( we giggled thinking she didn’t know what she was in for) Turns out she was right!

Sarah showed up and it was almost unbelievable how quickly Poseidon respected her. She is firm but very graceful and compassionate. She has a humble confidence that makes her the top dog in any room 🙂 She never seemed overwhelmed or distracted.

After the FIRST training session we could see a difference.

After just 4 training sessions- I can now say I enjoy my dog. I love him. I can walk him calmly AND the best part – people compliment him all the time. Its surreal to me that this is the same dog.

He sits patiently at restaurants, he never lunges, he plays patiently with children even when they’re shaking his toy around. He truly is the best behaved dog wherever we go.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sarah. She is the real deal. She understands dogs, and people. She’s never condescending or curt. She is patient and lovely and you’re going to want her to never leave.

Sarah changed my life in 4 weeks and I will never forget her.

Elizabeth O’Shea July 8, 2016


Sarah was wonderful with Bella Mae. She taught me and trained Bella Mae. In just 4 lessons she had Bella Mae doing things I was amazed at. It was as if her and Bella Mae were listening to each other. She is an amazing trainer. If we need more help with Bella, we will definitely be
calling upon Sarah for help. Bella said to say thank you Sarah.

Terry Gould and Bella- April 22,2016


Dog Training St Petersburg FLWe would highly recommend Sarah for anyone with a new puppy or existing pet. She was fantastic. We called her the “Dog Whisperer”. Our golden retriever, Tucker, was quite the energetic one. Before Sarah, we struggled with commands, walking Tucker on a leash and greeting our guests. Within the first 2 visits, he would “go to your place”, sit, stay, down and walked great on a leash. It was a complete turnaround and in a short amount of time. We started with 6 sessions and then seeing the amazing progress we added a few more as confidence builders. You may have seen Tucker on the website. Sarah was fantastic and we would have been lost without her. We continue to work with Tucker on a daily basis and see that the training continues to “stick”. We could not be any happier with Sarah — and the results.

Tammy Prouty and TuckerNovember 27, 2015


St Pete Dog Training This was a great experience for my self and our puppy Cowboy.  Sara started us on the 4 week training when Cowboy was 10 weeks old.  This was a great move we did not get into any bad habits that we have had in the past with our dogs by starting him while he was young.  Sarah was great at training Cowboy and I. The hand outs are a great reference to fall back on and for my wife to get informed of what we were learning in our sessions with Sarah.  Cowboy has become such a well behaved puppy.  He has learned so much in such a short time and is such a pleasure to take for walks and when he meets other people or dogs.  People comment on what a well behaved puppy he is.  Highly recommend  Sarah for any training.

Jeff Vilmar-September, 2015


After negative experiences with two trainers I was fortunate enough to find Sarah Tripp.  All I can say is that my faith is restored in dog trainers.  Sarah demonstrates the rare ability to be professional and at the same time be both friendly and caring for both the dog and the master.  Her honesty, advice, experience and ability to train both my dog and myself has created an environment that will last forever.  I strongly recommend her  to anyone seeking a trainer for their dog.

Ron S.- September, 2015


Puppy Training

I highly recommend Sarah. We have a Westie puppy that is very rambunctious and quite stubborn. Sarah worked wonders with Cooper, and he loved her! Understanding Westies and what makes them tick, she was able to train him on basic commands very quickly and within just a few visits he was well trained on voice and hand commands. She also takes time with you as the owner so you understand how to get the most out of the training. She is always available for questions or concerns and genuinely cares about how owner and pet are doing. Thanks Sarah!

LynnDee Snyder-May 20th, 2015 


Outstanding trainer.  Dog was very responsive to all training.  Training material is very helpful.  Our little Coco, is now well behaved and follows commands.  Would highly recommend Sarah.  She was patient with Coco as well as the owners . . . who, by the way, needed the training as much as the puppy.

Linda Ledet -May 20th, 2015



Sarah is amazing. I have a 3.5 pound puppy with a Rottweiler attitude. Sarah was accessible, friendly and knowledgeable. I could not have found a better trainer for BEAR. She cares and it is evident in her work.
Thank you, Sarah. You helped me figure out my lovable little guy AND we smiled along the way. 🙂

Ginny and Bear- Feb, 2015



Needless to say, we had hired another dog trainer when our Yogi Bear was a puppy.  Yogi is a Golden Retriever; therefore, I now know after working with Sarah, not every trainer is equipped to handle the “special” behavioral needs of a Golden.  Having sworn off ever getting another trainer after our first experience, we then found Sarah.  After talking with her we were confident she could help us and Yogi.  I can honestly say that Sarah is more than equipped with the patience, discipline and caring required to handle this type of breed and I believe any breed that’s out there.  Yogi has made such a transformation having only worked with Sarah for 2 weeks.

Sarah came to our home and took the training seriously and Yogi knew she meant business.  Yogi can now walk on a leash like a gentleman with anyone in our family using the techniques and commands Sarah has taught not only Yogi, but took the time to work with each family member individually.  We are so happy that Yogi has learned manners and can now be a part of our family without fear of him “violating” others space or dragging us down the street on our walks.

I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone experiencing rambunctious behavior with their dog.  Don’t give up!!!  Your answer is Sarah.  She is an absolute professional and you can tell from the moment you meet her that she has a passion for wanting to unite pets with their families.  It’s her passion and knowledge that makes her so successful and an absolute pleasure to work with.

We have Yogi’s behavior under control and we have Sarah to thank for that!!!

Lisa & Dan Pepe – November 21st, 2014


RudySarah was amazing with our dog Rudy. He absolutely had no boundaries or manners! I chose the in 2 week in home training and it was awesome. This training program worked for us because it was consistent and he was trained by a professional at my home and she could correct any bad behavior we encountered quickly. I am pleased to say that Rudy is currently walking on a lease and heeling!l That alone was worth the cost…. Rudy will stay, sit on command. One of the other big issues that Sarah corrected was his jumping on guests! I am really enjoying the benefit of his training. Thanks Sarah for all your help and support making this very stubborn dog a winner!

Sue & Tom Carrigan- September 30th, 2014


photo 2 (2)

Sarah helped us train Jack, our hearing impaired hound mix male puppy. She worked with our family for a few weeks providing guidance on general training coupled with hand signals, which enabled us to effectively communicate with Jack. Sarah also trained Jack while he was boarding . She has worked miracles, though Jack still remains the puppy at heart, he’s a very well mannered dog who does real well with hand and verbal controls. Jack loves her and so do we, very appreciative of all of her help and encouragement during Jack’s “puppy informative years”.

Tamra Pierce and Jack- June 30th, 2014 


dog training st pete

Sara trained our 1 year old wheaten terrier/poodle mix. ( Whoodle). We had just adopted him and his antics were getting more and more impish as he settled in. We have 2 Labradors who are pretty low key so he was driving everyone crazy, though he is very cute and very smart. We found Sara on the internet and she was very responsive. We soon had him signed up and honestly it only took her a few days to have him heeling,staying,sitting, etc. He also developed a reactive behavior when encountering other dogs on his walks. Sara helped us curtail that. He has however retained his vibrant personality. Sara has lots and lots of experience with many types of dogs.

Sara is very responsive and provides great feedback. She is also very good at “training’ the owners in a tactful manner. Out little guy will be going back for some advanced training soon.

Mary and Barkley.- June 19th, 2014


Sarah goes above and beyond when working with dogs and owners. I adopted an obstinate but very affectionate Siberian Husky who had issues with resource guarding. Nakota began attending doggie day care with Sarah and soon became well socialized and much more obedient and responsive. She teaches owners to employ repetitive, consistent positive reinforcement because we often need as much training as the dogs do. I wholeheartedly recommend Tripp’s Training for dogs (and people).

Linda P. June 16th, 2014


Sarah (Tripp’s Training for Dogs) is wonderful to work with and of course, unbelievable with dogs! If you’re thinking about reaching out to work with her, stop thinking and just do it — thanks to her we have a wonderful, loving, well behaved dog and have managed to tackle issues that are now history! Sarah is always there to answer calls, text and emails with any question you have regarding your dog’s training. She provides handouts/overview (“homework”) after each lesson. I highly recommend Sarah…She is dog gone good!!!
Adri Rubin- May 10th, 2014


Having a well trained dog in a 34 story condo is a must. I spoke with several trainers before choosing Sarah Tripp. Sarah had the best understanding of what I was looking for (she took the time to listen) and she delivered! It has been four months since my Wheaton Terrier completed training. Now, Keeva is the “dog-celeb” with all my neighbors. He sits and waits calmly at and in the elevator no matter how crowded or noisy. He hasn’t had any indoor accidents. He stays at my side as we walk to his “go” spot, and never pulls or lunges when other dogs are in his area. He shows his disposition and personality, rarely barking, and he pays attention to me reliably following basic commands. When we take him with us for coffee, people always stop to admire his sitting or resting at our feet. They shake their heads in disbelief when I tell them he is still a puppy (six months old). Least I make him sound like an angel — he’s not. When allowed, Keeva plays hard with dogs larger than him and he can be a sneaky “terrorist” around the apartment. But overall I would not change a thing — owing in large part to the discipline introduced by Sarah. Thank you Sarah for helping to make a good dog that much better!

James Kouba and Keeva – April 15th, 2014


Sarah was just what we were looking for in a trainer. She has a “way” with animals, they really understand her. Maggie has advanced in her training much faster than we thought possible! I highly recommend Tripp’s Training.

Phil Kimble and Maggie –March 17th, 2014


“Sarah, I wanted to let you know that Holly is doing fabulous with the whistle training. The video said to do in 3 stages, 3 weeks apart. She learned it in less than 3 hours! We can take her out in the yard, and she can be 1/2 block distance away, and come running when she hears the whistle. Sits right in front of me looking for her pupperoni treat! So fun! We practice the other exercises, and she still does well. Thank you again for your help with her. You performed miracles in just two weeks on a lab puppy! Will be back in touch for some advanced training when she is a little older.”

Cheryl Hall
Nov. 22nd, 2013


“I couldn’t be happier with the one-on-one, individualized training experience I got from Sarah Tripp. Since starting working with Sarah, my dog, Mabel, a pitbull rescue, now walks right alongside me on long treks. She knows several commands now, which gives me peace of mind and allows us to enjoy each other while maintaining structure and good behavior. Sarah is especially great at explaining to the handler/owner how dogs think and why they behave the way they do and why certain commands and training methods are effective. Knowing why we use specific tactics to adjust the dog’s behavior makes it much easier to learn the tactics. Sarah also is very knowledgeable about different breeds and how best to train each breed. I am so happy with my experience that I just signed up for a second set of individual training sessions and will likely sign up for more advanced training in the future. As I have told my friends, my dog and I received full value for what I paid after the FIRST of six sessions with Sarah – her training tactics were immediately effective!”

Amy Cuykendall
14 April 2013

“It is not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Sarah took my fun, quirky, stubborn dog  that I inherited and love dearly and taught Louie so many good habits without changing his wonderful personality.  I would highly recommend her”

Julia and Louie
June 16, 2014

“I am writing this to show my gratitude to the excellent training I received from Sarah. I have two English Mastiff who are still big babies. I was so frustrated that I could not walk them to my car much less on a casual walk around the block. After only one lesson, I was able to walk them to the care and after 2 lesson, we are now walking around the block. I want to thank you, Sarah, for all your patience and expertise with my babies. Thanks again.”

Pat Franczyk, BJ, and Mylo
March 2011

“Finding just the right trainer for a new puppy can be a challenge. We found that out with our very high energy Goldendoodle. When he was a puppy, he went to puppy group training and basic group training classes and didn’t really benefit from either. When he was about six months old, we hired two different personal trainers for our dog who did not have the desired training practices that we were looking for to help us with our dog. Sarah Tripp was recommended to us and she was a perfect match. We initially hired her for six weeks and we saw so much improvement in our dog’s behavior that we decided to keep working with her for more advanced training.Sarah was extremely positive yet firm with our dog. He immediately warmed up to her and after one visit he obeyed several commands that he had not previously mastered. Sarah would work overtime if she was not pleased with the dog’s progress yet she would not push the dog beyond his frustration level. Although now a 13 month old pup, he is very well behaved and a joy to be around thanks to the diligence and patience of his trainer Sarah.We cannot thank or praise her enough for the work she has done in training our dog to be the dog anyone would love to have. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a highly qualified trainer.”

Jane Pearl and Paul Jones
February 4, 2011


This is my puppy Riley, he is 10 months old now.  Riley is a very well socialized puppy and has even gone to the doggy day camp this summer with amazing results in his behavior.  I would highly recommend this camp for dogs of any age.  Sarah has done a tremendous job in working with Riley and training him.  She is always available if needed for extra training if needed.  Riley has learned so much since he has been there and can hardly contain himself when he knows he’s off to see all his daycare friends.  He has made many new friends and seems to love it there.

I just want to express my appreciation for all the hard work that has been put in on Riley.  He is quite an exceptional dog thanks to you.

Thank you
Mary Hedglin October 23, 2012

Congratulations! You have just found one of the best to train and care for your dog. Sarah has worked wonders for Boomer (my 6 month old Aussie Shepherd/Lab mix). I saw the difference in his behavior in just a few weeks. She’s taught me how to work with Boomer to modify behavior and it’s been great. I’m not sure who’s learned more—-me or Boomer!! Sarah and her partner Jeff also run a daycare. Boomer loves it. It’s the perfect compliment to the training we’ve received. They reinforce what Boomer’s learned and provide him with “safe and supervised” play and social interaction, both important to his development. He loves his play group and can’t wait to get out of the car in the morning! It’s a great way for Boomer to use his energy, allows us to vary our work/play schedules and has had a positive influence on Boomer.

Cathy and Boomer
March 2, 2011

 Sarah and Jeff operate a very professional, caring and personal operation. We are extremely satisfied, and very comfortable, with our association with Sarah and Jeff. Our Doberman puppy, Greta, immediately bonded with Sarah on their first training session and the results of that interaction/training are obvious and evident. Sarah’s knowledge and skill makes the training for Greta, not to mention my wife, grandson and myself, a fun and learning experience. Sarah’s training program is structured so that we can continue training Greta after her official training session. Her knowledge, patience and experience are evident in her interaction both with the animal as well as the owners. We utilize their Day Care services and Greta actually looks forward to going there. This experience has made Greta a more social and overall rounded dog, pet and friend.

Bruce and Rita Martin
March, 2011

It is with complete confidence that we recommend Sarah Tripp for your pets training. We have two 1 1/2 year old male Yorkies and needed help with the proper training for walking. The boys Sherlock and Bentley were so comfortable with Sarah the moment they met her. The walking session was excellent and rewarding for both dogs. Professional training at the highest level.

David and Ronda
Seminole, Florida

Dear Sarah, Jeff and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did with our yellow lab, Dixie. Your board and train series is worth every penny! Dixie now has the basic obedience skills to make her a joy to be around and to take on walks. And as you know, that was NOT the case before she came to you. I couldn’t walk her at all without being dragged down the block. Now she listens to her heel command and really wants to do well. You also gave us an insight into Dixie’s personality that we didn’t know before her board and train stay. To know that she is such a social animal is really helpful. WE can now take her to the dog park and into friend’s homes with confidence. So thank you again very much. I’m sure we’ll be back for some advance obedience work!

Kelly and Jeff Evans
October 3rd, 2011

When I first turned to Sarah for help in training my 5-month-old Morkie, Shamis, he was a rambunctious and strong-willed puppy. Within a couple weeks, Sarah transformed Shamis into a well-mannered, obedient member of my family. Shamis is now able to follow basic commands and walk on a leash without pulling, which is amazing since he spent more than 3 months of his life in a pet store window. Shamis became a part of my family when he was a little over 4 months old and he needed to learn what the outside world was such as grass, toys, etc. all this was foreign to him let alone know what manners or a leash was. Sarah provided me with helpful on-going guidance and instruction while addressing my puppy’s specific needs. It helps him with mastering these new skills by reinforcing them while he attends day care also. Shamis is extremely thankful for the daycare and all his new friends, but I believe I am even more grateful for the energy he gets to release while he is there. The patient and supportive teaching was invaluable to me and vital to my success with Shamis. They provided me with the groundwork, tools, and confidence needed to continue my training Shamis at home. Enrolling Shamis in training classes was the best investment I could have made for my puppy and I. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Bridgette Goodrich
Dec 9th 2011

Hi Sarah, I wanted to thank you for all you did for my three puppies. I cannot say enough positive things about Sarah. I had called around trying to figure out the best solution to have my three, yes three, 5 month old blue heeler puppies get trained. After talking with Sarah, I decided it would best fit my needs. I really liked the fact that when they weren’t working one on one with Sarah, they would be exposed to doggie daycare as well, with reinforcement of what they were learning. Sarah spent a lot of time with me on the phone, even before I had committed to take the dogs to her facility. She answered all of my questions, gave me some tips to use immediately, and even offered to come meet the pups for a quick session prior to their scheduled training. I was very happy after the first week of training with the improvements in my pups. By the end of week two, it was pretty amazing the progress they had made. When you see Sarah with animals, it’s obvious she loves them and her dedication and hard work are so evident when you receive your dog back. She kept me posted on their progress every day, and I felt confident while the dogs were in their care. One of the dogs had an episode of some bloody stool one morning, and Sarah immediately called and offered to take the dog to her vet if I desired. Again, just reinforces her commitment to the great care they offer at their facility. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah for either daycare or especially for training. We are so pleased with the results with our babies.

Sarah- Jill Smith
Feb 5th, 2012

My wife and I want to express our appreciation and thank you for all that you and your staff have done for Mia, our 1 year old Golden Doodle. Admittedly we were a little apprehensive in trusting our “special gift” to anyone outside of our home. After her first day in “Doggie Daycare”, we became more relaxed and confident about her care. Mia responded excitedly afterwards about going “bye-bye school”. Each time she has come home tired from playing with the other dogs, yet happy and ready to do it again. Through “Doggie Daycare” she has become more social and well behaved with other dogs and people. As retired teachers, we could not help but marvel at the passion and knowledge that Sarah shows in the training of dogs. The training techniques, patience, love and related attributes that we were able to observe would certainly entitle her to be considered a “master trainer” or teacher. We are very pleased with Mia’s progress and look forward to having more , one on one training sessions as well as regular Doggie Daycare visits upon our return in the fall.

Thanks again,
Bill & Jackie Rennie
April 10th, 2012

Dog Training St. PeteSarah is the best!  She took my dog, Tanner, for a 2 wk training session shortly after I got him from Animal Rescue. What a turn around!  He learned the basic commands plus some.  She also worked with me to help me to reinforce his training.  Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and goes out of her way to answer all questions one might have concerning their dog. I would recommend her highly!

Linda M.

Linda and Tanner
June 2014

Hi to all of our friends at Camp. Hope you have not forgotten us already- we’re Sassy and Sweety, two sister Cairn Terriers and we enjoyed spending a lot of our vacation playing with you other doggies and our caretakers, too. We also got obedience training which wasn’t quite as much fun as playing but we really learned a lot about doggy manners. Now we no longer tug on our leashes while walking and we sit and stay and mind our down commands. Our mom and dad say our behavior has greatly improved all around. Now we drop whatever is in our mouths ( even bones) when we are given the “leave it” command. Sarah is a great teacher. We cannot wait to see you next year.

Sassy and Sweety McCrary

The girls really miss their fun times at your place. Thanks for all your attention and special care you all gave our dogs. We felt so comfortable leaving them under your care and that was after we had left them at 2 other nearby places. We really appreciate your professionalism regarding the canine world.

Andy and Linda McCrary

I am amazed at how good Bella is. Your training has really come through She followed me around the yard without a leash from the fenced in yard to the front door and heeled the entire distances. She was looking toward me for direction. She is a favorite of everyone. I am really grateful for your training before our trip. Thank you.

Betty and Bella
Thu, 6 Jun 2013

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“I spoke with several dog trainers before choosing Sarah Tripp. Sarah had the best understanding of what I was looking for (she took the time to listen) and she delivered! It has been four months since my Wheaton Terrier completed training. Now, Keeva is the “dog-celeb” with all my neighbors. He sits and waits calmly at and in the elevator no matter how "... READ MORE

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