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Tripp’s Dog Training offers a variety of standard and customized obedience program options; each with a proven reputation for producing immediate and lasting dog training results and executed with the highest degree of professionalism and care by owner Sarah Tripp White.

Sarah is certified by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (c-#1118) and has extensive experience working with all breed types and sizes including small dog training. 

We offer Basic Obedience Training, Advanced Obedience Training and Behavior Counseling in St. Pete, FL and the surrounding areas of Pinellas County, FL. 

Descriptions of each program are detailed below.

Sarah’s obedience programs are based on comprehensive, time tested dog training techniques. Sarah will train your dog while you observe during the first part of each lesson, then show you how to build in the new command. Programs are further customized for the various learning styles of individual dogs and owners. Sarah will teach you how to continue your training between lessons and after the program ends. Please visit our Google reviews, testimonials page and YouTube channel to view our success stories.

Tripp's Dog Training St Pete FL

4 Session Classic Obedience Program 

This training program is suitable for all non-aggressive dogs regardless of any previous training. This is our most popular program. We will meet for 4 lessons One times per week to be determined by the owner’s schedule. Training sessions will be held in the convenience of your home and about town once we progress. We will cover basic obedience and manners both on and off leash. Commands typically include; “Place”, “Off”, “Leave it” and “Out” as well as “Sit on command”, “Heel on leash”, “Wait”, “Down on command”, “Stay” and “Come on command”. This program is great for owners who want to stay involved during the learning process. Sessions may always be added as needed. Pricing includes phone advice before, between and after lessons. Please call Sarah for pricing details and a free phone consultation 727-479-4255.

Accelerated 3 Week In Home Training Camp 

For dogs 5 months or older, this accelerated basic obedience program is perfect for those with a busy schedule who want a jump start on obedience training. Sarah will come to your home 4 days per week for three weeks in a row to train your dog for you! Each week includes a full session recap with the owner. You do not need to be at home during the training for every lesson although participation is welcomed and encouraged for those who are able. This is a very successful program that offers the same accelerated learning as the “Board Train and Play” camp. Not appropriate for serious behavior concerns or aggression. Call Sarah for pricing details and a free phone consultation 727-479-4255.

Two Week “Board, Train and Play” Camp (very limited basis, please see Accelerated In Home Program Above) 

 Board and Train Dog Training St Petersburg

A unique and highly successful “Board, Train & Play” obedience camp experience. The “Board ,Train and Play” camp started by Sarah 7 years ago allows you to drop your dog off for a designated amount of days to receive professional dog training paired with play time and boarding in the secure, clean, caring environment of an established local kennel. I offer two locations. The facilities we work with offer you the greatest boarding advantage with secure, clean boarding areas, ample play yards and readily available medical attention if needed.

Your dog will stay for the designated length of time to be professionally trained by Sarah Tripp White followed by a private in home lesson with Sarah after each week concludes. This program is traditionally intended to address the basic obedience commands; “Sit”, “Look at me”, ” Focused Heel”, “Down”, beginners “Stay” ( Down and Sit ),”Leave it”, “Wait” and beginners “Recall”. We will be happy to discuss any other specific obedience or behavior issues that you would like addressed while your dog is training with us and modify the agenda accordingly. All dogs must be up to date on shots as well as heart-worm and flea and tick prevention.

This program is designed to reduce boarding stress typically experienced by training dogs during longer “boot camp” programs and to keep owners involved and confident in their abilities to work with their dogs on new commands learned each week . There is a 7 day minimum and longer stays or varied scheduling can be arranged to work on more advanced obedience or behavior issues. This program is intended for non-aggressive dogs, but we will happily discuss training solutions for your concerns regarding aggression. We take a limited numbers of dogs per week for training to ensure our full attention, so space is limited. Call Sarah today at 727-479-4255.

 Advanced Obedience Example Advanced Obedience (call today for pricing) 

This package is available to those who have gone through basic obedience training with Sarah either in private or camp settings or evaluated and found ready for advanced obedience training . The length of the package will be determined by the individual owner’s goals for their dog. We will focus on real life advanced obedience scenarios. We will be working in public as we gradually build up to heavy distraction proofing. We will refine the basics that your dog already knows so that your dog can hold commands longer and respond more quickly to you. Please call Sarah for pricing and a free in person evaluation. 727-479-4255.

Deluxe “About Town” Training Program 

This is an add on option for the basic obedience programs described on this page. Your dog will need to have completed any of the obedience programs described above to be followed by 4 “About Town” training sessions during which the owner will learn more about continuing obedience with distractions. These sessions will be held at a variety of places such as cafe’s, dog parks, shopping centers etc. These lessons are fun, informative and invaluable! It is a huge benefit to have a professional with you to guide you through problem solving obedience challenges that arise in public settings. The deluxe add on package is priced at a discount for current students and is highly recommended for the most comprehensive training experience. Please call Sarah for details and pricing. 727-479-4255.

Behavior Issues- Individual Sessions 

Tripp’s also offers obedience training by the session or individual behavior help consultations. All of our individual and behavior sessions are scheduled, priced and implemented based on the specific issues and goals at hand. Some typical issues requiring behavior consultations include; leash aggression, dog reactivity, stranger reactivity and fear and anxiety. Fees will vary according to the nature of the training agenda. Please call Sarah for a free phone consultation and pricing 727-479-4255.

Serving St Pete, FL, 33704, 33702, 33701, 33703, 33705 and surrounding communities of Pinellas County, FL.

Training Services

Tripp’s Dog Training St. Pete provides you with comprehensive obedience training while getting the job done with care and attention. Offering Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience Training and Behavior Counseling in St. Pete, FL and the surrounding communities. Choose In Home Dog Training, About Town Training or Board, Train and Play Camp... READ MORE


“I spoke with several dog trainers before choosing Sarah Tripp. Sarah had the best understanding of what I was looking for (she took the time to listen) and she delivered! It has been four months since my Wheaton Terrier completed training. Now, Keeva is the “dog-celeb” with all my neighbors. He sits and waits calmly at and in the elevator no matter how "... READ MORE

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Sarah Tripp White is a professional dog trainer located in St. Pete, FL. She has successfully trained hundreds of dogs and their owners since 2007. Sarah is Vice President of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors as well as a certified NADOI Instructor (#1118c). Sarah is recommended by local vets ... READ MORE